Alteration Specialists strives to provide extraordinary renovation services tailored to each individual project. Showcase the exceptional success of past projects with descriptive and informative captions for a complete gallery experience! From historic architecture, creative modern designs, or innovative solutions – explore what makes every space unique by learning about the scope of renovations completed per job as well as any noteworthy features involved. When you’re ready for your next building endeavor, contact us today so we can help make it a reality – no challenge is too big or small!
Master Builders
Registered Master Builders
10 Year Master Builder guarantee available and the security of knowing our work is backed by the largest affiliation of builders in the country...
Licensed Building Practitioner
Licensed Building Practitioner (LBPs)
All our work is carried out or supervised by fully qualified Licensed Building Practitioners...
Hazard Co – Site Safety
We have created a safer working environment and encourage better health and safety practices with our HazardCo membership.
Master Builders House Of the Year Awards - Alteration Specialists
Multi-Award Winning
National & Gold Award winners in both 2015 & 2020 for renovations in the Master Builders House of the Year competition.