Why choose Alteration Specialists?

We understand how important it is for you to choose the right builder, after all, these people may be in your home everyday for weeks or even months. You want to know you are choosing a team you can trust and a team that can do the job well. This is what we offer as part of our service.


We keep close contact throughout the job to enable any changes you would like and to ensure work stays on time and on budget.


To make it feel a little less like you a living in a building site, we make sure all work areas are cleaned and vacuumed at the end of each day.


It is careless to go into any renovation without factoring in a contingency for any unforeseen or remedial work, should we discover any additional work required during the renovation we will always consult with the homeowners first and provide a solution with costings prior to undertaking any additional work, this is to ensure our clients can factor in any additional costs as they happen and not be hit with a nasty surprise at the end of the project.

Our building services


Small extensions/alterations right through to large/major house extensions, all jobs project managed by us


Minor bathroom upgrades to full refurbishment, every aspect of a bathroom refurbish can be arranged and the job project managed by us

Decks & Outdoors Areas

We can design and build your custom deck or outdoor area to best suit your existing surroundings


Full kitchens for all budgets can be arranged by us, entire job project managed by us


All your odds and end carpentry jobs from skylight installs, cavity sliders to replacement windows

Consultation service

Many people have ideas about changes they want to make to their homes to expand them, change the flow or alter the existing spaces. But how do you know what is possible to do? ballpark costs of the project? what is the process?

Alteration Specialists provide a free one hour consultation that can help determine what sort of alteration will best suit your home and your budget. We will also provide advice on the many stages of your renovation including the next stages such as drawing plans and consenting etc.

With over 20 years’ experience in residential construction and alterations, Alteration Specialists have all the valuable advice to offer you. We will meet you on site to discuss your ideas for renovating your home. By listening to what you want to achieve and your ideas of how to get there, we can then advise on what options will and won’t work and provide plenty of other alternative suggestions that you may not have considered. We can provide a ‘ballpark’ estimate on the likely cost of the different alternatives.

Once you have decided on the type of alterations you want, Alteration Specialists can take care of the plans/building consent and engineering (if required) on the owners behalf and manage the whole design and consenting process. If owners wish to persue obtaining the plans themselves we can recommend an appropriate architect or draughtsman.

We developed this consultation service after meeting a number of clients who had commissioned plans but then could not afford to build what the architect had drawn. Other clients had ideas of what they wanted to do but didn’t know how best to achieve the desired outcome. Before you go to the expense of paying thousands of dollars to an architect, find out whether what you are planning is within your budget and also whether there are other options to consider.

Alteration Specialists provide a free one hour consultation.

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